I've been drawing since I was a kid, but my first fantasy gaming visuals were done for the AD&D 1e campaigns I used to DM in the late 1970's.

In Sweden's first RPG fanzine Mjölnir (1980) I was allowed to test-run my beginner's doodles in print. But after just a few more minor contributions to a couple of SF fanzines and magazines, I left the scene altogether....

...until in 2014, when I rediscovered gaming, after which I've had drawings published in, or commissioned by both OSR fanzines, AD&D prozines, supplements and commercial OSR game publishers - both digitally and in print. Even made a comeback in the revived Mjölnir!

Today, my inspiration still comes from the b/w line art seen in classic TSR rule books, in early White Dwarf Magazines etc - but also from comic strips (think Dan Barry, Dr Merling, and Mystiska 2:an), from art noveau, symbolism, wood cuts, Chinese revolutionary posters, 60:s eastern European animated films, James Bama, Hans Arnold...and all the mystical story books I grew up with.

All my illustrations are hand drawn, using Derwent pencils, Rotring & Hero technical pens, Staedtler & Pilot markers, Dalon brushes, W&N ink and gouache plus all kinds of vintage ink pen nibs. Surfaces vary, from standard drawing paper to Bristol board. Sometimes I add a bit of Letratone. I only use software at the pre-press stage, for scanning and adjusting drawings before publication - never to draw.

My first ever published drawing, in the GT newspaper - aged 5.

At school, my art teacher - whose father was Ivar Ivarson, one of the Göteborgskoloristerna group - once gave me a whole stash of mint condition vintage pen nibs, in all kinds of shapes, saying they came "from Germany in the 30s".

Perhaps they had been his dad's ? How cool would that be...

Aircraft expert Neil Crawford introduced me to Rotring pens in the '70s - and now I'm using some of his. Thanks, Neil!

1979. First ever AD&D gaming visuals (probably for the 'Vastra Podarna' campaign). Those doors owe a lot to Bill Elder!
Pencil & ink (using vintage nibs pictured left), mounted on card. The lower right drawing was later printed in issue No. 2 of

A major source of inspiration - my grandfather's cartoons. This one from when he was posted to India

2019 name change from OSR-INK to FSF-INK

I have the OSR movement to thank for reawakening my interest in old school fantasy & SF gaming. For a while, these two genres seemed to overlap enough for me to simply consider them the same thing, and to see myself as an OSR illustrator. But gradually, "OSR" has expanded to become so much more: indie, horror, rule-less, dice-less, experimental, harsh, splatter...all kinds of new gaming styles that naturally will grow out of an existing "formula".
So, as the term today covers lots of things that I neither play nor know how to draw, it suddenly seemed a bit misleading to continue operating under the "OSR" banner. I'm just a guy who simply likes...good old fantasy & SF, and tries my best to sketch in that style. So, to reflect this, in 2019 I switched my pen-name to FSF-INK..

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