FSF-INK's facebook page for updates, mini tips on illustration and links to interesting illustrators etc (English)

Mjölnir. Sweden's 1st RPG fanzine, featuring both very early 1980s and current illustrations by FSF-INK. Free PDFs of most issues. (English and/or Swedish)

The Secrets of Blackmoor. The film that disentangles D&D's intriguing roots through a wealth of original source material. Exciting tie-in items in partnership with Judges Guild.

Ockult Örtmästare. Swedish publisher of "Ut mot Skären" and other indie/OSR games. (Swedish)

Dunder & Drakar. Rulebook and "Tsamnor Koth" module for D&D clone by TSR's former Swedish representative. (Swedish)

Svärd & Svartkonst. Sweden's leading OSR game producer and publisher of "Naram Akaris Ruiner". (Swedish)

& Magazine. Major AD&D prozine, now discontinued. Also publisher of "Miscellaneous Spells" compendiums. All PDFs free. (English)

The Grottor & Gravkummel RPG by Icarus Dream Games. (Swedish)

Dangerous Dungeons progress forum. Follow the OSRIC megaproject here. (English)

Grottzine. Swedish OSR fanzine published between 2014-2017.